How would you feel if you could create Video Content with Clarity, Confidence, Consistency and without the tech overwhelm?‚Äč

"Matt makes the complicated seem easy, simple straight forward advice that has made me a better video maker"

I've spent hours researching how to improve my lighting, sound, camera and I still have no clue what to do

Editing seems confusing, i've tried but I wish there was a step by step way to learn

I want to make more video but as soon as I hit the record (go live) button, I freeze

When it comes to Video I just don't know where to start?

Everyone else seems to talk about interesting stuff in their videos and i'm worried about being boring

I NEED to be professional in my videos, my clients demand it and so I need to make sure it looks great

I hear you...

Hey, I’m Matt, after seven years creating video around the world for clients ranging from one man band through to billion dollar companies, I became the self-proclaimed King of Video.

However, I wasn’t always the King of Video, I had to gain clarity around my message, my audience and of course I needed to get confident in front of camera.

Doing this on my own was hard, in fact, I realised that whilst YouTube was great and the answers are all around the internet, it takes so much time and effort to find the specific answers to the questions I have right now

In the end I realised I had to put the 10,000 hours in and become the expert I was looking for, just because I did, doesn’t mean you have to and this is why I’m excited to welcome you to…

King of Video  

The monthly membership site for Entrepreneurs and Online Business Owners who are ready to get serious about their video game and need expert help, strategy, accountability and feedback.

Exclusive Masterclasses

We have a full 12 month programme of Masterclasses with a new one every single month, these are exlcusive to pro members

Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook Group for 1-2-1 and peer support. This is also a safe place to practice and get feedback from the #KingVIPers our VIP members.

Facebook Live Challenge

Every two months we run a Facebook Live Challenge giving you the opportunity to build on the skills you've learnt throughout the month, with a group of like minded people. (This is optional, you do not have to take part)

Members Only Perks

We have exclusive perks from our guest experts, sponsors and direct from my own business, these include discounts, special offers and exclusive

Guest Expert Sessions

We have weekly Guest Expert sessions available to all members, these are recorded and included on the membership site and cover topics such as Digital Marketing, Mindset, Business Support, Sales and you can request guests based on topics that interest you

Group Calls

We get together via Zoom every two weeks, these are recoded and accessible via the academy, this gives everyone the opportunity to learn from each other, share best practices and ideas as well as showcase some of their recent work

Weekly Office Hours

Office hours is how I update the group with the latest news, trends and support for the world of Live and Pre-recorded video, this happens every friday with Q & A too.

15 Minute Turbo Calls

Need 1-2-1 support? Every member can book a 15 minute turbo call once a month to solve their immediate issues, these are 100% FREE for members.

Re-Launch Offer
Closes 30th November 2020

Pro Member

£ 37 Monthly
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Members Only Perks
  • Live Guest Expert Sessions
  •  Group Zoom Calls
  • FREE 1-2-1 Turbo Calls

Annual Member

£ 350 Annually
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Members Only Perks
  • Live Guest Expert Sessions
  • Group Zoom Calls
  • FREE 1-2-1 Turbo Calls

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