YouTube Tools

TubeBuddy is my tool of choice for Keyword Research, YouTube SEO and of course the wonderful Achievements I use so often. 

Video Editing Tools

Camtasia is one of my favourite editing tools and the one I recommend if you’re just getting started. This is also what I teach in Video Editing School

Descript is a fantastic tool for Podcast editing, video editing and content repurposing. Content Repurposing School is built entirely on this tool.

Live Streaming Tools

Camo by Reincubate, allows you to use your mobile phone as a webcam and is far better than using a webcam for your videos.

ecamm Live is the software that helps me create beautiful live streams, combine this with Restream to hit all the socials in one go.

Restream is my preferred Multicasting and Streaming software, this allows me to go live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more, at the same time.

Social Media Tools

Last CRM is the best all in one platform for contacts, memberships, social media scheduling, calendar booking, websites and funnels.

Content Studio is the Social Media scheduling tool that I use, this is brilliant for those just getting started and is super simple to use. 
This tool supports YouTube Uploading too 

Agora Pulse is the tool I used to use for Scheduling, it is super powerful and has a price tag to match, i’ll definitely move back to this once I can afford to, brilliant and simple tool to use.

General Tools

ThriveCart is the ultimate shopping cart for online business owners, super simple to create funnels and products

Convertbox is a fantastic way to convert visitors to your website.

Brought to you by the same team as Thrivecart so you know this means it’s easy to use.

Canva Pro gives you all the features you need to create high quality, creative thumbnails.

Learning Management Tools

This is the community plugin and App that we use for the YouTube for Business Community.

Love it and well worth the money.

Thinkific is a fantastic platform for getting a course online quick and painlessly. 

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