Shorts Challenge

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  1. Nicholas Papp

    It was a very independent-based challenge. There wasn’t really that much engagement during the challenge like others I’ve been in with live sessions. This one only had encouragement videos in the first week and then hey stopped. It was a bit surprising to me at first….but to be honest, I think I like his approach better for (at least at this part of my journey). 28 days of videos every day is a big time commitment and it was actually nice that I didn’t have to join other live sessions to talk about what was going on etc. While I certainly don’t hate that, this style of a DIY challenge was actually something I found I liked and will keep in mind for the future because it’s certainly easier to run one. 🙂

    In closing, I want to thank Matt for everything. This challenge was just what I needed and I’m so happy I joined. I would highly recommend it to anyone as long as they weren’t joining and expecting a lot of hand holding.

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